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About Us

The Sakinah Community Center is a new multi-purpose community space which provides both members and casual users an opportunity to participate in a variety of religious, educational and leisure activities. The location for the Sakinah Community Center is at 1430 Birchmount rd, in Scarborough, Canada. The property is an astonishing 72,000 square feet and ideally located at a major intersection easily accessible by car and public transportation.


The premises includes an extra-large parking lot with over 100+ spaces and the building has been equipped with new plumbing and fixtures in main washrooms. It has fiber optical cable into the building, front windows replaced within last 5 years and over and has premium grade carpeting, fixtures, tiles and finishing throughout. The building features a furnished front office space with plenty of office space, classrooms and conference board rooms.


With the advent of crime, drugs and an increase in high-school dropout rates affecting many within the Muslim community, this centers mandate is to better address the diverse needs of the Muslim community. We aim to achieve this goal by providing various social services, facilitating health and fitness activities and building strong youth and families through education and an Islamic based framework.

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